Halftime Betting

Last week I talked about key numbers, and why book managers are often forced to stay on a particular spread and change only the associated moneyline. We saw a little of that this past weekend, as both the AFC and NFC Championship games closed on or near 10, which is considered a minor key number. … Read more

Super Bowl Recap

Last week I discussed some strategies for betting on Halftime lines and the Super Bowl presented us all with those exact scenarios, so I’m either psychic or just got lucky (I think we can rule out psychic because I am an Enron stockholder). Regardless, I’ll take a look at the wagering on Superbowl XXXVI, as … Read more

Betting on Basketball

Now that the football season has been put to bed and the swelling in our thumbs from overuse of the remote control has diminished, we can turn our attention to basketball. College hoops will dominate the headlines for the month of March as the Championship Tournament runs it course and then the NBA Playoffs will … Read more

Betting on Basketball, Part II

Last week, I put on my bettor/handicapper hat and discussed the advantages of betting basketball from that point of view. I want to thank Big Al McMordie again for his thoughts on the subject. Now, I want to talk about basketball a little more from the perspective of a book manager, and I will thank … Read more

March Madness Update

I know I promised all the NASCAR fans out there a behind the scenes report of betting on racing but March Madness has been too interesting to pass up. The first 48 games produced some big upsets and lots of nail-biters, especially for those playing the pointspreads. I talked to Bodog’s top bookmaker, Kent, at … Read more

Final Four Review and Baseball Primer

Indiana wow! That pretty much sums up the Final Four doesn’t it? I asked Bodog’s top bookmaker Kent how that game was for the House and he just smiled. This week, I’ll talk a little more about the games from this weekend and close the book on the rest of the tournament before, and then … Read more